Vol 2, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

Old Testament

Creation as Temple-Building and Work as Liturgy in Genesis 1-3 Abstract PDF
Jeff Morrow
Contesting Authority: the Greek Versions of Esther as Resistance Literature PDF
Brian Carmany

New Testament

‘A House of Prayer for all the Nations’: Jesus’s Temple Saying, Mark’s Gospel, and the Jewish War Abstract PDF
Chris Seeman
Paul, the One Apostle of the One Gospel Abstract PDF
Paul Nadim Tarazi

Book Reviews

David Trobisch and David Parker on the Origin of the New Testament, the Historical Jesus, and How Manuscripts Can Reveal What Texts Conceal PDF
Tom Dykstra
Negrov, Alexander I. Biblical interpretation in the Russian Orthodox Church: A historical and hermeneutical perspective. PDF
Richard C. Benton, Jr.